AS Printon Trükikoda (with the former name K&O Offset) has been established in 2000 upon the initiative of the repro company K&O Service (KO Repro) and DD Kirjastus. We started with one 4-colour offset printing machine in B1 format, we outsourced most of aftertreatment works. Today we have doubled the printing capacity and the whole aftertreatment is performed in our own house.

During the past years we have considerably developed, today three basic keywords can be recalled: flexibility, partnership and quality.

Printon’s quality management system has been certified and complies with the requirements of international standard ISO 9001. The FCS chain of custody certification has been awarded to us.

In 2013 our sales made total of 4.3 million euros and we provided work for 57 employees. In 2014 our sales made total of 4.6 million euros and we provide work for 66 employees. In 2018 our sales made total of 8 million euros and we provide work for 131 employees.