Environment and quality

Quality and environmental policy

The Printon Printery produces books, periodicals and various promotional materials, and provides repro services.
The business success of Printon rests on the strict quality standards and environmental awareness. We address environmental issues just as seriously as any business matters and we believe that this is the backbone of our success.
Above of all, company management respects three key areas relating to the environment:

  • Pollution avoidance and implementation of preventive action;
  • Establishment of environment-friendly requirements;
  • Respect for environment-friendliness in the acquisition of new technologies.

We establish specific rules for quality assurance:

  • Each employee is responsible for his share of work.
  • Every production phase ensures high-quality input for the following phase.
  • High-quality production is our working style, not mere words.

Printing is cool for employees, customers as well as for the environment!

With regard to employees:

  • Employees are proud of a properly accomplished task.
  • We do not have concerns or problems, we have challenges.

With regard to customers:

  • The customer need not worry when he entrusts us with a job.
  • We work closely with our customers to share ideas.
  • We always offer a cost-effective but still efficient solution to our customer.

With regard to the environment:

  • More exact paper calculation for each work order.
  • We record the amount of electricity used per broadsheet.
  • We plant trees, i.e. make a joint effort to give back to the environment what we take from it

On the basis of customer satisfaction or dissatisfaction and feedback from employees, we continue to improve our current systems to ensure constant development and attainment of our objectives. We have three major goals: Satisfied Customer, Satisfied Environment and Satisfied Owners and Employees. To achieve these goals, we involve each employee in environment- and quality-related activities, in line with the assigned area of responsibility. We educate people to be familiar with the law and keep abreast with the constantly changing world – only this way we can achieve continued commitment to the above principles.