The Best Designed Estonian books 2018 competition attracted a little over 150 submissions. The jury analysed and assessed a book design from different angles, the creative aspect mixed with technical solutions such as printing and binding quality. The tipe of paper used and also tthe design decisions made matter: tupeface, layout, imagery, choice of paper, and other details. The winning books represent harmonious, well-structured entity.

Seven books printed in Printon printing house gained recognition at The Best Designed Books of Estonia 2018:

My Pallas 100
Author: Tiit Kull
Designer: Angelika Schneider
Publisher: Tiit Kull
Printing house: Printon
Format: 215 x 275 mm
Paper: Inside: Arctic Volume White, front pages: Caribic Cherry, cover Imperila 4710 Dark Blue

Julie Hagen-Schwarz. The first Estonian female artist
Author: Tiina Abel, Christin Konrad, Merli-Triin Eiskop, Kristiina Tiideberg, dr Anja Wilhelmi
Designer: Angelika Schneider
Publisher: Tartu Kunstimuuseum
Printing house: Printon
Format: 200×285 mm
Paper:: Munken Print Cream, Arctic volume White, Geltex white LS

Literary wanderings in Tartu
Author: Halliki Jürma, Katrin Raid, Maia Tammjärv
Designer: Jaan Rõõmus
Publisher: Tartu linnavalitsuse kultuuriosakond
Printing house: Printon
Format: 105 x 165 mm
Paper: cover: Munken Pure, inside Munken Pure

Morning concert in the Matsalu bird sanctuary 
Author: Kaja Lotman
Designer: Margus Tammik
Illustrator: Marju Tammik
Publisher: Päike Ja Pilv
Printing house: Printon
Format: 230 x 230 mm
Paper: Munken Pure

A little love story
Author: Tia Navi
Designer: Piret Niinepuu-Kiik
Illustrator: Kadi Kurema
Publisher: Päike Ja Pilv
Printing house:Printon
Format: 200 x 200 mm
Paper: Munken Polar Rough

The rain cloud and it`s big wish
Author: Liis Sein
Designer and illustrator: Anne Linnamägi
Publisher: Päike Ja Pilv
Printing house: Printon
Format: 245 x 200 mm
Paper: Arctic Volume White

Everything exists. Stories about the squirrel, the ant and other animals
Author: Toon Tellegen
Designer: Kalle Toompere
Illustrator: Regiina Lukk-Toompere
Publisher: Aasta raamat
Printing house: Printon
Format: 180 x 250
Paper: Munken Lynx