2019 award-winning books

At the Rencontres d`Arles festival, the photo book “Digger” printed in Printon was nominated in the author’s book category.

Oscar Chik’s photobook ”Digger”, printed at Printon printing house, has received international recognition at the Recontres d`Arles festival, being nominated in the 2019 author’s book category.

The Most Beautiful Swiss Books 2019

Vittorio Brodmann – Where the Plumbing is, a book printed at Printon, has been awarded the title of the Most Beautiful Swiss Book of 2018.
This is the smallest Most Beautiful Swiss Book of all time.
The switch of medium is a deliberate choice: while the book format and image layout refer back to the small screen on which you swipe from one picture to the next, two luminescent special colours complementing the four-colour printing attempt to imitate the bright appearance of the screen.

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25 Most Beautiful Estonian Books 2019

The jury of the Most Beautiful Estonian Books competition acknowledged a total of six adult and children’s books printed at Printon.

25 of which were selected as a result of the assessments provided and discussions held by jury members of different backgrounds on the basis of the competition rules. The jury’s task was to determine the books that were the best in terms of design as well as printing technique.


Author: Kris Lemsalu, Maria Arusoo

Designer: Aadam Kaarma
Publisher: Center for Contemporary Arts Estonia, Mousse Publishing
Printer: Printon
ISBN: 978-88-6749-395-1; 176 pages
Format: 210×280 mm
Paper: Invercote G 240 g/m², Munken Print White 100 g/m², Galerie Art Volume 135 g/m², Galerie Art Gloss 150 g/m²

Special prize of the Jury:

Pure, unadulterated madness where the deranged contents is wrapped in a psychedelic design: a book just like Lemsalu’s performance, reflection of the author’s persona. There is method in this madness, though. The unabashedly unorthodox edges make a colourful splash.


Compiled by: Joanna Hoffmann, Hanna-Liis Kont

Designers: Norman Orro, Ott Metusala
Publisher: Tartu Art Museum
Printer: Printon
ISBN: 978-9949-7225-6-3; 104 pages
Format: 148×210 mm
Paper: Serixo 120 g/m²,
Galerie Art Gloss 150 g/m²,
Incada Silk 240 g/m² (cover)

The slightly bonkers typography and decorativeness, modern funk, intentional violation of classic rules of composition, plus abstract illustrations that happily avoid mechanical repetition all put together result in a strong combination.

”Johann Köler”

Author: Mai Levin

Designer: Külli Kaats
Publisher: Art Museum of Estonia
Printer: Tallinn Book Printers and Printon
ISBN: 978-9949-485-95-6; 504 pages
Format: 240×300 mm
Paper: Arctic Volume white 130 g/m² (content);
Galerie Art Gloss 150 g and Agenda Bengala Must (cover material);
Sirio Color Cherry 170 g/m² (front and back page)

Apt choice of material, high-quality repro and HUV print, classic yet by no means boring layout with just the right amount of air and well-timed pause. Professionally solved picture index. Cover typography raises some questions, though.

Special prize Golden Book of the National Library of Estonia


Author: Andres Koort

Designer: Elisabeth Klement
Publisher: Karjamaa Gallery
Printer: Tallinn Book Printers
ISBN: 978-9949-88-992-1; 143 pages
Format: 320×230 mm
Paper: Munken Lynx 120 g/m²

Impressively respectful homage to the artist’s creative vision and visual material; the covers offer a paraphrase of modernism-turned-into-vintage. Non-classic presentation of the foreword in a framework sending out classic vibes, airy and poised.


Author: Hilli Rand

Designer: Piret Niinepuu-Kiik
Illustrator: Viive Noor
Publisher: Päike ja Pilv
Printer: Printon
ISBN: 978-9949-7376-1-1; 40 pages
Format: 210×240 mm
Paper: Galerie Art Volume 150 g/m²

The illustrations superbly combine multicoloured backgrounds and the charmingly detailed characters. A plethora of colourful things kept in good balance; the ingeniously used black lines contribute to delicious harmony. Variedly composed, finely executed, elegant illustrations.

Kauneima Eesti lasteraamatu žürii eripreemia


Author: Kadri Kiho

Designer: Signe Kanarbik
Illustrator: Mirjam Siim
Publisher: Päike ja Pilv
Printer: Printon
ISBN: 978-9949-7376-0-4; 32 pages
Format: 220×220 mm
Paper: Arctic Volume White 170 g/m²

Special prize of the Jury to a newcomer:

The illustrations have dynamism and dashing, bold lines and colours. Beautifully composed. The different textures and details are nicely combined.