Catalogues and advertising magazines are efficient means for marketing that can be used to increase a brand’s reach and gain more clients. In an increasingly digital world, a printed product catalogue with beautifully presented content offers additional value to the consumer. Unlike digital information materials, a printed catalogue offers the client a sensory experience—the texture and glossiness of paper, beautiful pictures and colours are more likely to attract the viewer’s attention than online catalogues.

High-quality satin or glossy paper is the most popular choice for catalogues, as it makes colour photos look more beautiful and vivid on paper. At the same time, printing on uncoated paper is becoming increasingly popular. This is also a more sustainable option suitable for socially responsible companies.

Thicker magazines use glue binding, which gives them a more valuable look. As an alternative, we offer saddle-stich binding, which is suitable for thinner publications. In the case of wire binding, individual sheets are punched on one side and fixed with a wire closer.

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