Offset printing of outstanding quality
The cutting-edge automatic colour measurement system keeps colours stable throughout the print run and reduces colour deviations.
The majority of the machine’s processes are automated and accelerated to ensure a stable and quick printing process.
The Komori offset printing press is special because of the H-UV inks it uses, which are cured instantly after printing underneath special UV lamps. These completely different inks are not absorbed into paper and consequently produce a brighter and clearer result.
The inks do not blur and the effect is immediate—the print does not change after coming out of the press.
Suitable for specialist materials: vinyl, textiles, etc.
The Xerox Versant digital printing machine is above all designed to cater for flexible print runs, i.e. producing smaller quantities at reasonable prices. Digital printing is generally quicker than offset printing and it is also a more sustainable printing method.
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