Each printed product can be made special and memorable by using our eye-catching finishing options.

UV spot varnish, UV coating and water-based varnish are used to create visual effects as well as a protective measure against wear. Varnish is used to cover the product’s surface either partially or fully. We offer glossy, matte and textured solutions.

Lamination makes products more durable and noticeable. We offer glossy, matte, scratch-proof and satin as well as golden or silver laminate.

Foil printing produces an elegant, eye-catching metallic result. The most popular colours are silver, gold and bronze and variations thereof. We also offer more special colour options, such as combinations of blue, red, purple and yellow.

Silkscreen printing is a striking printing technique used on materials that are unsuitable for offset printing. Consequently, it is used to print texts and vector graphics on dark surfaces (canvas, vinyl and binding board).

Embossing raises the image above the printed surface while debossing depresses the image into the surface. This technique produces a 3D effect that is eye-catching and unique even to the touch.

Stamping is used to produce different-shaped edges and cuts. It can be used to create windows on the front cover of a book revealing the page underneath. Stamping can also add different edges to products.

PANTONE colours are custom colours mixed on the basis of the PANTONE catalogue. Compared to the regular four-colour printing palette, PANTONE colours use 14 base pigments. Therefore, many shades are more intense and uniform with PANTONE, i.e. spot colours.

Ribbon bookmarks are practical accessories that create additional value and are well suited for hardbacks and notebooks. We offer ribbon bookmarks of different colours, widths and textures.

Coloured head and tail bands are coloured bands glued on the ends of the spine of a book to make it more durable.

Edge colouring can, for example, be used to give books gilded or silver edges.

Glitter varnish gives products a sparkling effect.

Elastic bands can be ordered in different colours and are suitable for hardbacks.

Coloured thread can be used to create effects on books with open spines.

Pockets are pockets glued inside books.

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