Booklets are four-page materials folded once or folded products with a more complicated structure. Booklets can accommodate more information than flyers and as a custom order, we also produce uniquely shaped booklets.


Folders come handy when you are attending conferences or trade fairs. The product, which can be used to store information and marketing materials, can either be made of sturdy cardboard or thinner paper.


Posters are large-scale advertisement prints for shopping centres, on streets and elsewhere.

Posters are generally printed on satin paper and laminated at the client’s request.


Flyers are an efficient way to spread your advertising message. Advertising flyers can be used in several ways: they can be handed out to people on the move or mailed directly to selected target groups. The product is also suitable for displaying in trade fair booths or advertising stands in offices.

Glued notepads

Notepads that are glued together on one side are common office supplies. Writing ideas on tear-off notepads is a natural human habit. The design of the sheets can be the same on every sheet or vary by sheet. The sheets of the pad can be squared or ruled and feature a company logo on one side.

Door, shelf, table talkers and bottleneck hangers

Talkers are advertisement materials that can be placed on bottlenecks, hotel door handles, shelves or restaurant tables to attract attention.


Eye-catching sales packaging helps you to stand out from your competitors and sell products better. We offer card and regular cardboard packaging. The client’s design is printed directly on the material or paper that is glued on it. Post-treatment techniques such as lamination, foil printing, screen printing and spot varnishing are used to give products the finishing touch.

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