We use the computer to plate (CTP) technology for preparing printing plates and therefore we take care of the sheet assembly ourselves. We expect clients to provide a PDF or print file as films are not suitable for print preparation. The CTP technology reduces the time spent on print preparation considerably and produces a much better final result.

In the case of magazines and brochures, we ask you to present both the content and cover pages as separate pages and not paired.
We prefer print files and PDFs to open files. In the case of print files, we prefer composite (flattened) images, but you can also send us layered files. PDFs must be flattened.

When you are preparing print and PDF files, you must make sure to use the newest postscript drivers and PPDs (Extreme .PPD in the case of Printon). These can be obtained at ftp.korepro.ee (username: anonymous) where needed.