Wall or desk calendars with original designs can be used to brighten up offices, increase brand awareness and given to clients or cooperation partners as gifts.
Wall calendars are mainly prepared with wire binding, but simpler solutions can also be bound with saddle-stitch binding. Wall calendars are made special by a design that harmonises with the company’s visual image. The classical solution features a fixed upper sheet with a custom design that can be hung with the previous, current and next month presented below. You can also order a calendar where each month features a different design, offering the user variety and the joy of discovery. Wall calendars have a punch out for hanging the print and wire-bound calendars can also be fitted with a metal hanging loop.
Desk calendars have a triangular shape and a cardboard base to which calendar pages are added. A beautiful desk calendar is part of a company’s image, enhances the atmosphere of the office and serves as an efficient way to ensure that your company is visible throughout the year.

Additional information:

  • The front and back pages of the calendar feature custom designs (if you need help with the design, contact us at and place an order with our designer).
  • Language according to the client’s wishes
  • Two- and three-colour solutions
  • Inclusion of national holidays at the client’s request
  • Inclusion of folk calendar events or important events for the company, flag days and moon phases
  • Finishing according to the client’s wishes
  • Movable date marker


Branded planners are an ideal corporate gift for new employees or cooperation partners.

Custom-designed personalised planners are stylish and practical. Undated planners are timeless and can be used over several years.

Printon produces both hardcover and softcover custom planners. We also offer wire, saddle-stitch and open spine binding. Planners with unique design concepts may be printed to include important company-related information and/or distinctive graphic elements.

Planners can be made even more attractive by adding a ribbon bookmark in the colour of your choice, specialist cover materials (faux leather, canvas, etc.), a pocket sleeve for business cards, eye-catching elements on the cover and more.

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