As any production company we feel responsible for the ecological foot print of our business. FSC-certified books are made from the materials that have been sourced in an environment-friendly, socially responsible and economically viable manner. At Printon we have made the use of the FSC-certified paper very convenient for our customers and mostly it doesn´t effect the price of the final product.

How we produce books with FSC trademark?

FSC certificate can be used only by approved companies. Printon Printing House is FSC-certified since year 2005. With every FSC publication we follow strict rules so that the FSC materials would not mix with others. We use green colored accompanying notes when we handle FSC orders and we keep separately all FSC materials used to make the product.

The final choice whether to use FSC logo lies with a client. In Estonia there are some publishers who have made the responsible choice to use FSC trademark, either always or occasionally. As a result they invest in the better future of the world forests.

Why Estonia´s first green publisher Pikoprint has chosen FSC-certified paper?

Taavi Toots, the CEO of Pikoprint publishing house, states the following:”For us to use the FSC-certified paper has been so logical. We never wanted to print paper books that would harm the nature. Still it seems that in Estonia most publishers prefer the profit against the responsibility. Of course there are exceptions, we have received a lot of positive feedback for our choice. It might be because of the very narrow market in Estonia which means less profit for local publishers. For example in Germany most books are FSC-certified. In Estonia we see more FSC logo on packages then in the book shops. As far as we know we are the only publisher in Estonia that has chosen it´s books to be printed on FSC-certified paper only. For others it´s rather occasional choice”.

Pikoprint is a green publishing house that caters international bestselling books for youth and children. Printon is proud to have produced many FSC certified books for Pikoprint, including New York Times bestsellers like Cress: the Lunar Chronicles, A Court of Mist and Fury and graphic novel series Amulet.

Choose responsibly, choose FSC-certified books! Contact us for further information.