Printon printing house has just finished reprint of a luxurious giftbook that reflects it´s owners thoughts throughout 3 years. The luxurious red velvet covers are complimented by lovely content. Inspirational quote marking every day with a book owners unique comments. Since each page of the journal includes an entry for 3 succesive years, it is a book to treasure for years to come.

Sensory experience that comes with a carefully designed book

This particular publication has red velvet hard covers and round spine.  Smooth covers feel nice and give overall luxurious touch to the book. There´s also silver folio print embossing on the cover and silver coloured head and tail bands accompanied with a same colored ribbon bookmark. The giftbook is small enough to take on a holiday and fits easily into handbag or on a bedroom table to finish each day in harmony with yourself.

Where to get it? 

Mõte igas päevas giftbook is available in Rahva Raamatu and Apollo book stores all over Estonia.

At Printon printing house we produce various exciting books daily to our partners and clients all over Europe.

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