2019 award-winning books

Rencontres d`Arles festival nominated “Digger” photobook printed in Printon

Oscar Chik’s “Digger” photobook, printed at Printon printing house, has won international acclaim at the Recontres d’Arles Festival, nominated for the 2019 Author Books category.

25 Most Beautiful Estonian Books 2019

The jury of the Most Beautiful Estonian Books competition acknowledged a total of three adult and children’s books printed at Printon.

More than 150 books were submitted to the contest, 25 of which were selected as a result of the assessments provided and discussions held by jury members of different backgrounds on the basis of the competition rules. The jury’s task was to determine the books that were the best in terms of design as well as printing technique.

“Johann Köler”

Author: Mai Levin
Designer: Külli Kaats
Printing house: the content of the book and covers is printed in Printon with Komor H-UV colors.

Received a special award from the National Library of Estonia.

“Hajameelse haldja sünnipäevapidu”

Author: Hilli Rand
Designer: Piret Niinepuu-Kiik
Publisher: Päike Ja Pilv
Printing house: Printon
Format: 210 x 240 mm
Paper: Galerie Art Volume

Jury’s special prize of the most beautiful Estonian children’s book

“Auklik päev”

Author: Kadri Kiho
Designer: Signe Kanarbik
Illustrator: Mirjam Siim
Publisher: Päike Ja Pilv
Printing house: Printon
Format: 220 x 220 mm
Paper: Arctic Volume White